About us

About Us
Welcome to Specialresor – Complete travel solutions!

Extensive range of destinations
Since 1991 Specialresor has been working with group arrangements, mainly in Europe. We have now expanded and consider the entire world as our work area.

Customers satisfaction is key for us
We produce travels for both companies and private customers. Throughout the years our cooperation with bank offices – providing complete travel solutions for their customers - as part of their customer relationship management program has been a success, and still is, with satisfied and recurring customers.

Quality, service and safety
Specialresor focus on quality, service and safety and strive to meet the expectations of our customers. We aim high and thanks to our solid experience through many years we produce high standard group travels to all kinds of groups. Strategic and long-term collaboration with suppliers and partners is at the heart of being able to ensure quality and breadth of choice.

Specialresor produce approx. 120 group travels for 5000 travelers each year. We love to produce unique travel packages and all the employees have big knowledge in all parts of the production. When you travel with Specialresor you can trust that everything works from start to finish.

We care
Our goal is that you, as a traveler, will have a relaxed stay at the destination, where nearly everything is included, even the drinks. We organize the excursions, the meals, the Swedish speaking guide and the tourleader from Specialresor, who is there for you and can inform and help you with practical issues along the whole stay. We put much work in preparing the journey beforehand so that you can feel comfortable and safe. Our motto is “Caring in large and small”, which means that we take care of everything from the small details to the overall experience by caring for our customers.

Credit worthiness
Specialresor is an AAA company, which is a symbol for highest credit value. The turnover is annually around  65 million Swedish Krona.

Part of Unlimited Travel Group
Since 2015 we are part of the Unlimited Travel Group family. Unlimited is the leading consolidator of the Swedish niche travel segment, listed on NASDAQOMX First North. Common to all companies within the group is that we are specialist travel agencies/operators with extensive experience of the travel industry. Our goal is to use our in-depth knowledge in combination with our high levels of service. We provide all required travel guarantees according to the Swedish Travel Guarantees Act.